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Say goodbye to the clutter on your workbench, desk or closet. Say goodbye to the clutter in your house! With Ideal BNZ, you can organize the tools you need to fuel your passion in convenient bins that you can keep handy!

TB-4569-Rack Shop-1.jpg
DIY & Workshop Storage

Store everything you need to complete your projects. From nuts and bolts to electric switches and outlet boxes. Thanks to the clear bins, you will always be aware of the level of your supplies at all times.

Do you need some screws to fix something in the other room? No problem! Just take out the bin and bring it with you. 

Liohn toys.jpg
Toys & Home Storage

Tired of stepping on your children's LEGO®  in the middle of the night? Say goodbye to the night-vision minesweeper. Store all your kids' toys neatly!

Arts & Crafts

Store eveything to fuel your passion. Beads, threads, paillette or sequin. You can keep eveything at hand!

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