"The tilt bins by Ideal Security have been fantastic for organizing my dental clinic. They are customizable, come in a variety of sizes, take up minimal space, and are wall mountable. It has made organizing the assortment of supplies simpler and much easier to find. After using these for some time, my staff has requested me to purchase more as they have had ideas on more ways we can use them for our other instruments."

Ullas Kapoor, B.Sc, DMD

Territorial Dental Clinic

À l'épreuve de la poussière, faciles à laver et à fermer, ces conteneurs sont parfaits pour les hôpitaux, les pharmacies et les produits pharmaceutiques. Ils sont parfaits pour les pilules, les emballages et autres articles qui doivent être maintenus propres, organisés et accessibles. Consultez également les options d'empilage et de rayonnage.

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